Membership Prices

New Member?

Before using the facilities, everyone must sign a liability waiver. No worries though! Get a jump start by downloading a liability waiver right to your computer so that you can get to doing your thing sooner! Download the form and bring it in, or simply send it to us here.

Gym Packages

Membership Type Price
Gym Day Pass $5.00
Gym Week Pass $15.00
Gym Month Pass $35.00
Gym 6-month Pass $150.00  ($25/mo.)
Gym Year Pass $250.00
Gym Year Pass (Husband/Wife) $500.00
Family Year (4 or less) $1000.00  ($21/mo.)

Tanning Packages

Membership Type Price
One Session $4.25
One Month $32.00
One year $318.00

Special Packages

Membership Type Price
Gym & Tanning One Year $300.00
Gym Student Pass $20.00
Gym Military/Police/Firefighters $25.00

* Must present valid I.D for discounts